5″x5″ scratchboard.


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Various themes and ideas. The scratchboards are 5 x 5″ 1/8 thickness; they do come framed and not framed; the ones that are not framed come ready to hang. In the Circus pieces, the foreground of the image has been scratched in the background I’ve applied acrylic medium to give contrast in textures.

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Weight .170 kg
Dimensions 20.32 × 20.32 × 10 cm
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Good morning Mr. Magpie and how's the wife doing?, Camo, The Flyin Simia Brothers., Castor go!, Flying, Moose away, Tempo, Raven, The eagle that ate the squirrel that ate the acorn., The fish that ate the flies and the flying pig, The Cat that ate the flying pig and the mouse that ate the fly., The Frog that ate the fly who tried to eat the flying pig, The fox that ate the rabbit that ate the carrot, flamboyance of Flamingoes.