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Giorni della merla


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5.25″x5.25″- Blank card inside come package in a cellophane w grocery bag envelope.

A blackbird hen with a beautiful white plumage was regularly scolded by January, a cold and shady month, who enjoyed waiting for her to come out of the nest in search of food to throw cold and frost to the earth. Tired of this endless persecution, one year the blackbird decided to make provisions that would last for a month, and shut herself up for the whole month of January, which was then only twenty-eight days long.

On the last day of the month, the blackbird hen, thinking she had deceived bad January, came out of hiding and began to sing to mock him. January resented this so much that borrowed three days from February and broke with blizzards, wind, frost and rain. The blackbird took refuge into a chimney and remained there for three days. When she came out, she was safe, but the beautiful plumage had been blackened by smoke, and she had black feathers for ever afterwards.


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