Anivale artisit statment

2014 was a very good year.

My latest show was“Anivale” at Galley in the Attic.

“Anivale” was based on the Italian saying “Ognie scherzo vale a Carnevale” (anything goes at Carnival), I have created a series of scratch-board portraits of masked and masquerading animals. This work draws on the artists’ Italian heritage; Carnevale was always a big part of Martini-Dunk’s life. Using scratchboards and relying on the simplicity of line work to capture the complexity of nature, the artists creates animals in costume and compares Man and Nature.

crow closerooster closeempress close


“Anivale” is portmanteau that combines “animale” & “carnivale” and through it I presents animals in all their natural beauty, but masked as if in pursuit of an alternate identity or character change, protecting themselves or their soul… The artist aims to show the natural beauty of some animals who need no masks or costumes in comparison to man. Is this the true nature of this animal? Or are the animals with masks showing their true natures? In contrast man wears a mask all the time, it may not be a physical mask but a subconscious one. Is the true nature of man ever really known? In reality animals never wear masks, but man does.



A Journey


Well my open reception was fantastic. We had sushi, sparking water all the component for a successful opening. Owned and curated by Rebecca Baptista. The Impresario Artisan Market.  Is such a great place .What I love about this place is that we can see all kinds of art and it”s all magnificent and affordable. Rebecca is totally  awesome in getting a show together,  I did not worry  to how the show would look.

So all the component for a successful show were in place. What demands a show to be a success? To me it’s not large crowds of people coming out,( I hate crowds). It meeting the few that understand your journey because they have gone on the same adventure. It’s that moment when you realize you are not alone. If  I can connect with one person at a show opening then to me that it is a success. I meet a few incredible people who were also artist.

If my art can start a conversation then I have done my job successfully.

I must thank the extraordinary people for the great conversation we did have .

Show runs till Sept .30th

Here is a link about the show

Kirrabille an Aussie for every seasons.

Funny how fast this year has gone by so far. It was year ago this month I was writing about my first outdoor art show.  This blog is not about outdoor art show, its about a commission I received in  July 2013. Not so much about what I went threw to paint it, but what the commission meant to me.

I got a commission to create a painting from a very special person; Gail Stephens. She is the incredible person who gave us our most special friend Fenix. Yes, Fenix is a dog, more specifically an Australia shepherd. Gail is an artist too because the Aussies that come out of her kennel are the most beautiful,witty and friendly Aussies you will ever meet.


Gail commissioned me to do a piece that depicted her Aussies. That was a easy assignment; I just simply love Aussies. My first dog Norton was an Aussie and, as you know, my present  dog Fenix is.

I found Gail and  Nigel Stephens shortly after my most wonderful Norton pass away. There are not enough words to describe the pain of  losing him. We lost him at 11 with no warning or signs. In one week my beautiful , active, and smart Norton was gone. I felt so ripped off  losing him at 11. So I started to roam the internet trying to find out if that was normal age for an Aussie to die at. Well, to make a long story short I finally found Kirrabilli  and Gail and Nigel Stephens. I went to their Rainbow bridge page and I saw a dog that reminded me of Norton;  Cheddar.  In fact Cheddar,  another beautiful red-merle Aussie, had passed away the day before Norton did. He was the same age. I felt an instant connection to Gail and Nigel.

My first beautiful baby .
My beautiful Norton .

When I started painting, I took over the guest bedroom, which my husband hand just converted into an exercise room.The painting was too big paint in my studio. I started to paint in Sept of 2013 after I got approval for my drawing by Gail.

The original drawing
The original drawing









I  painted off and on throughout the year and  finally got it done in July 2014. It was a  euphoric moment when I saw the finished piece . Every time I finish a piece I say to myself “So that is how you were suppose to look.” I  have a plan for the piece, but the paint directs you in subconscious way to how it should look.

This painting to me was a tribute to the most wonderful Aussies that Gail and Nigel owned.  The paint is also a tribute to Nigel since he passed away shortly after Fenix was born. It was my tribute to my love for Aussies because of Norton and now Fenix. It was an easy to picture to paint.

It took a long time, far too long ,but I got it done.

work in progress
work in Progress
work in progress
work in progress








I was so afraid, like most artists, “Will Gail like it?” I doubted myself , but I also knew that there was not much more I could do for the painting . My confidence was raised when my family  saw the piece. They were very sad to see the piece go, but the most important person to love the piece was Gail.

The day of unveiling finally came on, Aug,16,2014. Gail, without hesitation, expressed a very very pleased look. That, to me, was the greatest compliment anyone could have payed me.

I remembered why art is so important to me, yes it is nice to have money to pay your bills, but the contentment one gets from seeing my work means more then money, you have made a connection with another person. In at that moment I am no longer the observer but part of something very special

Finish piece
Finish piece


New Connections


Here are some new links that feature my art and the awesome places I show them.

This link show the wonderful artisans at the rural Creators’ collective of Carlisle. My bags are feature in this link.


This link show the amazing art scene in Peterborough. On of my Scratchboard  which is begin shown at Christense Fine Arts is feature.


Rural Creators’ Collective of Carlisle Blog.



Christmas cards.

I must admit , I was not ready for the season. I finally finished my winter/Christmas cards on Nov,12. You really should always be a season ahead, O ,no not me. I am last minute Lisa.  I managed to get all my stuff to all the places they had to go to. It was tough waking up at 4am but I manged to get 9 new cards made in 12 days.That my friends is a record. Here are some pictures.

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