Time To Be Creative!

So life now seems long and different. With all these lockdowns because of Covid. Yes, I find myself very uninspired and kind of lost. I’m used to having the pressure of shows and getting ready for them creating new stuff. But it’s time to be creative; hopefully, my classes and workshops are ago. If you’re interested, please check out the event pages; I hope to see you there.

A New Press for Me.

One of the highlights of 2020, other than the fact
That we survived it in one piece.
The purchase of a Prada etching press.
It was on my bucket list to own a decent press.
A fellow member of the Ontario Society of Artist
was selling her press.
It’s a good feeling that I own a press made in Canada.
The possibility of printmaking became real again.
My old press was starting to fall apart.
The fun part was transferring that from Brampton to Peterborough and figuring out its logistics. With help from Friend Jan and his friend Kidd
we got it done. I also find it very interesting about this Press as it’s been around for 30 years pass from one artist to the next. The stories this Press could tell.
I am so excited. I look forward to some new prints.
This year.

New Praga press to me.

How to make a pig fly.

The “wanderlust” pig

Let the bidding begin!

Online show and Gallery shows happing now

The Handmade market starts on October 8th ends on the 12th you’ll find a lot of my 4 x 4’s original Scratchboard that I don’t post on my website for sale. https://shop.handmademarket.ca/artisan/limmaginaria/

The overzealous art show running till Oct 18. at Neilson Park Creative Center in Toronto…

My Piece ” Carte Blanche” is an award winner check it out before it”s gone.

Category 2: Printmaking, Pencil, Pastels, Drawing, Ink, Collage, Mixed Media, etc. – First Place