The Process

I finally finish my piece that I will be submitting into the Art School of Peterborough Auction happening on April 14 2018 .

It’s A bigger piece 16”x16”. This piece is an example of mix media ..I combined Scratchboard with acrylic media… I though it would be interesting to see the process. The piece took me about 2 weeks to complete…. Not sure what to name it yet.




The Beginning
Step 2
Step 3
The pig is almost done,
The animals are most done ,but the pig is looking a little dark.
Colour…. the Pig is still too dark.
The pig is looking better..Add medium to back.
Add colour and drawing for back ground.
Removed frisket to expose the drawing and maintain white of background.
change back ground not happy with the colour
Finish !!!!

Scratchboard Class.

I wanted to write about my amazing students that I had in my fall semester class.

Cindy -Ellen Morgan

Sandra Shearer

Val Cowle

Wendy Jones

Laurie Jones

Anna Lee

I consider myself fortunate to know these ladies.

They all amazed me with their talent. They all took on the scratchboard  like professionals . To think  most of the students in this class were experiencing scratchboard for the first time. The tendency for scratchboard is to draw white outlines; these ladies picked up very quickly the importance of having volume, texture : highlights and low lights. What impressed me the very most was they had their own signature, their own unique style …No two students are like and I love that.

I love watching people discovering scratchboard and falling in love with it as much as I do.

I should all so point out that Cindy-Ellen Morgan and Sandra Shearer have been me since the beginning . They are truly master at scratchboard.

I should  note we are missing one amazing student piece  Anna Lee stay tune for her piece.

Val Cowle:

Scratchboard with watercolour ink


Cindy-Ellen Morgan:

Scratchboard with Airbrush and watercolour ink.














Laurie Jones:











Sandra Shearer:

Mix Media Scratchboard















Wendy Jones:

Scratchboard with Clayboad ink














New class also starts on January 28,

Sundays 12-3pm

You can sign up by internet, phone and in person.


174A Charlotte st. Peterborough on

One of A kind.

The show of the year is coming up shortly …One of a Kind.!!!

I am very excited but yet terrified…This is the show I have been working all year towards ..Trying to make sure I have enough art to sell . It’s been interesting  trying to come up with 200 new ideas .; With the help of some pretty amazing friends and Husband …I know it will be amazing show. I am totally looking forward in meeting new people and vendors…. if you are in the Toronto between

Nov 23-27 I will be there at  booth Q36….Hope to see you.

Cards are here

Finally the cards are done…This is something I now can take off my artist bucket list.:

Here are  56 Minor Arcana cards.  I choose the suits images according to my Logo….

well not so much Wands suit…

Danari- Pentacles, Coppe – Cups, Sword -Spade,Bastoni -Wands


Tarot Cards

I’ve always had a fixation for tarot cards. I don’t necessarily believe in magic behind them and I don’t think they are voodoo either . I’ve always been in love with the images on the cards.

Some cards have a magnificent Medieval looking pictures some have engraving . The card tells show you history of art. Originally tarot cards were a game call ” Tarocchini”… Matter of fact the cards look very much like the Italian playing cards.

So I have decided to make my own tarot cards. I have the Major Arcana done …Now I to get the Minor Arcana done. I’ll be hoping that I’ll have this all done by July  2017 .

I’ll be selling them in beautiful wood boxes there have personalize scratchboard on top or rustic Burlap bags ….something for everyone……So  stay tuned.:)