Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2022!
Hopefully, this year I will be able to in-person art shows.
I genuinely miss meeting people and seeing different locations.
I hope this summer we will meet again.

Facebook, Instagram has blocked my account temporarily. I am not sure why they want me to prove who I am. But I guess in the situation that Facebook has gone through, something would inevitably happen. Their algorithms are susceptible to everything. At any rate, you can still connect with me via email. I am still here.

Winter in Oxford

The commission is done.

So four months ago I got this amazing proposition to do this commission for these amazing humans. The theme was the Northern Atlantic. As I mentioned in my previous post. Three months later the piece is done. A lot of work and detail goes into a 60″ x 24″ scratchboard, but I enjoy every single moment of it

I named this piece “Dorian Dance”. Because that is the name of the person or one of the people that commission you to do this piece and the other thing is they’re in a Dory.

New workshops.

I have two workshops coming up in July

July 17 where I’ll be teaching scratchboard you’ll be making three miniature scratchboard pieces.

The second one is on July 31 woodcut flowers.

These workshops are supposed to run in the spring but due to Covid, they have been pushed it back. The classes will be held at Meta4 or Gallery and Peterborough and they run from 1 PM to 4 PM, for more information please go to the Meta4 webpage. Hope to see you all there.


New Commison

In this time of Covid,there's very little money to be made as an artist. With all the galleries shut down, all the in-person shows cancelled,the only thing we have is our online shops. So when you get a commission,it's a good thing. I'm extremely grateful. I got a commission for a 60”x24” scratchboard…
The theme is the North Atlantic. This particular commission is being designed for a people who own a house on Ile Madame. They want to celebrate the beauty of the creatures that exist there. They loved my piece, "Wanderlust" and want something very similar. I will take you through the process of this piece being created.
This is the beginning of my new piece . First thing I do is come up with an image. I do a drawing and then I transfer the image onto the scratchboard with white transfer paper.
Not sure what to name it yet but I am going with the working name” North Atlantic dance”.
In this image I have included many sea animals;Right whales because they are becoming extinct. Some animals that are typical to Nova Scotia like black bears and hares. 
The fun begins. Stay tune for the next episode .