Month: January 2018

Scratchboard Class.

I wanted to write about my amazing students that I had in my fall semester class.

Cindy -Ellen Morgan

Sandra Shearer

Val Cowle

Wendy Jones

Laurie Jones

Anna Lee

I consider myself fortunate to know these ladies.

They all amazed me with their talent. They all took on the scratchboard  like professionals . To think  most of the students in this class were experiencing scratchboard for the first time. The tendency for scratchboard is to draw white outlines; these ladies picked up very quickly the importance of having volume, texture : highlights and low lights. What impressed me the very most was they had their own signature, their own unique style …No two students are like and I love that.

I love watching people discovering scratchboard and falling in love with it as much as I do.

I should all so point out that Cindy-Ellen Morgan and Sandra Shearer have been me since the beginning . They are truly master at scratchboard.

I should  note we are missing one amazing student piece  Anna Lee stay tune for her piece.

Val Cowle:

Scratchboard with watercolour ink


Cindy-Ellen Morgan:

Scratchboard with Airbrush and watercolour ink.














Laurie Jones:











Sandra Shearer:

Mix Media Scratchboard















Wendy Jones:

Scratchboard with Clayboad ink














New class also starts on January 28,

Sundays 12-3pm

You can sign up by internet, phone and in person.


174A Charlotte st. Peterborough on