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Month: May 2015


Today I just received an letter from one of the shows I put an applications in for.

I was not accepted.

I was a little upset, but not very much due to the fact that I knew  I was not a good fit for this show. The letter made me laugh because they told me,” I will be disappointed” ,” Please do not call the office to ask why you were not accepted” , by the way” THIS IS A FINAL DECISION”!!!!!. How could they know how I would feel? I was not disappointed and I have no intension of calling. Are not most decision final ?

It kills me, how when you get letters of rejection from shows or grants application , how they always say so many people applied and” Sorry you were not picked” and  O ..by the way good luck in your endeavours. That’s fine but, I must admitted that I would like to know why I was not chosen. This way too I can understand what worthiness means.

These people who’s decided for me how I must feel, do not feel they have to explain themselves. I think they should since they believe I am disappointed . They are ones that made me feel this way . LOL .;>  Do they realize, as a artist you grow tougher skin. not begin accepted at times is just part of the job.

I ask how one gets accepted? MERIT of course I was told!

The definition of the word merit is:”the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward”

Then I asked what is the definition of merit to the Recommenders of these art grants and show organizers? How do they decide what is worthy or not? Who deserve praise or reward?

It must be a very difficult job. What though go threw their heads?

Is this artist committed to art or not?

Is it a name brand artists or not? (So already deemed worthy.)

Do they paint fuzzy kitty’s or paint with human excrement?

It is a picture that has three red dots called the” Sun over the snow”.

Wow! What a concept!

Do these people realize they shaping the art world?

To me that would be a very difficult task to deem what is worthy or not.

I do not be-grunt these people, I understand it to a point. With such little money in the grant avenues and so much space in a show, but so many artist vying for it the task at hand can be difficult. The Art world can be a very very pretentious at many times. Every following the head shepherd like sheep to what has merit and what does not. Never thinking for themselves. Having a Good CV or resume is important because they need to see if someone else has deemed you worthy.

I guess you have to have a formula. There just so many of us artists.  I am just amazed at how something as expressive as art can be reduce down to something so logical and subjective.

To me merit is a person who truly looks at art with their eyes and heart. Who can appreciate it because it speaks to them.

It’s a good thing I am not on a committee that decide who gets in and who dose not ,because I would let every artists in . As an artist I know all the work and sacrifice that goes into creating art. The hours and the passion.

It’s not my place to decide whats is worthy.