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Month: April 2015

Arts in Action.

This program was brought to my attention by Renée Ellis of the Prince of Wales Parent Council.

Apparently there are no formally trained art teachers in the schools now. I was in shock, Why?

I am sure some were back in the Harris government there were all kinds of cuts to the education system and first casualties were  The Arts. People have this conception that the arts are frivolous . Not so my friend . Lots of children learn visually. I was one that learn that way. Always put in to remedial  classes because they thought I had a learning disable, Yes I did, I learn visually not auditory. Everything back then, was auditory like spelling.

The Arts are so important for learning .They affect a part of the brain that open the door for out of the box thinking. Without The Arts human kind could have not advance as a society.

What is life with out imagination? The Arts in ancient Greek times was consider to be a science.

What Happen?

Why did we stop thinking that way?

It sad that committee  has to be put together, just so kids can get a bit of an art education. I was happy to be part of this program . I was totally impress with the quality of work that come from my group of kids. They all were superstars. Thank God for people like Renee and the council who see the importance in arts for our children’s life .

Here are the finally work by my group of grade 7-8. The first time ever doing Scratchboard.. what a great job!

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