Artist’s Statement

L'immaginaria - Last Call

My influences are first and foremost everything I see, feel and experience. I love architecture, nature, as well as the beauty in colour, line and texture. I am also influenced by stories that people tell me.

I create art to tell the stories of life. I always have felt like the observer. I describe the existence of life. How the fundamental qualities of a person or thing, can identify or capture the essential of the character. I want to show the stories of the experience of life, show the growth of human spirit and everything that effects it. I like to capture the vitality in nature – how everything is related to each other. Life and world around me inspires me every day. There are so many stories to tell.

I use different medium to describe my images .acrylic paint,block printing and scratch board. I want my art to have a sense of a primitive state – that my thoughts are untouched by anything artificial. That this is my expression. That colour, line and texture can be as descriptive as human sensors – touch, sight & emotion.

Vitality, nature and life inspire me .The need to describe the essence of life moves me to create.